Invest in one of Earth’s most idyllic islands

A politically and financially sound country

Mauritius derives its unique charm and originality from the diversity and richness of its cultures. This small jewel in the Indian Ocean brings together people of European, African, Indian and Chinese descent who live harmoniously. The country is a rare example of social peace and unity within a multicultural society and is admired worldwide for this.

Permanent residency

Any buyer acquiring a property in Mauritius above $375 000 is eligible to apply for a permanent residency, and the permit is also granted for married couples or common-law partners and their children up to 24 years old.

Tax benefits

Mauritius has established itself as an international financial centre with attractive fiscal policies, including an extensive tax treaty network with multiple countries:

  1. Corporate tax, Personal Income Tax, and Value-Added Tax (VAT) are set at 15%
  2. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with 45 countries
  3. No tax on Donations to descendants and spouses
  4. No Foreign Exchange Controls, no Withdrawing Tax, no Tax on Capital Gains

A Diversified and Blooming Economy

Regarding the economy, our little island competes with the best on the world stage. Listed as an “upper-middle income economy” by the World Bank, Mauritius is also the most competitive economy in the African region (World Economic Forum) and is categorised as “high” in the Human Development Index, with free universal healthcare and education. We’re also in the top 30 most peaceful nations on earth, according to the Global Peace Index 2022. Five minutes on one of our tranquil beaches, and it’s easy to see why…

Well-Developed Infrastructure

Mauritius is home to a skilled and educated population, with French, British and International schools. The island also boasts excellent internal and external communication networks, with high-speed internet connections via optical fibre, as well as an array of international satellite television channels.

World-class transport systems are well established, with a modern and efficient port and an extensive road network, including multiple-lane highways.

Mauritius also benefits from first-rate healthcare services, with practitioners and facilities of an international standard.

In recent years, Mauritius has developed a stronger and more stable infrastructure, a structured and well-run health system and a recognized education system. In 2020 the island was ranked 13th for Ease of Doing Business by the World Bank (UK 8th, Germany 22nd, France 32nd) and 1st among African countries in terms of Overall Governance according to the Mo Ibrahim Index, which also ranks Mauritius top in terms of quality of education, health system performance and personal safety in the region.

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