Value-adding luxury home accents for your interior design

A chic, elegant interior makes a world of difference in perceived value. As any good interior designer knows, it’s the small details that count, from a fresh lick of paint to sumptuous silken pillows. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are working with limited space, use these luxury interior design ideas to bring a sense of indulgence into your property.

1. Painted interior doors

When choosing a colour palette, it’s best to opt for either bold or understated. Pay particular attention to your interior doors to make a strong stylistic statement. Paint these with bright accent hues, or opt for black interior doors to create an opulent atmosphere. In either case, match the doors with other luxury home accents in the space to tie the room’s colours together.

2. Natural window treatments

Avoid plastic and transparency when choosing your window treatments. Instead, choose from organic, natural treatments for added elegance. Lined silk, crisp linen or cotton weaves add a gently sophisticated finish to your room. If you prefer shades to draperies, look for wooden slatted blinds or bamboo shades.

3. Striking wall art

Every room needs a strong focal point, and wall art is one of the most alluring luxury home items. Naturally placed over a sofa, a large painting immediately draws the eye in to create a sense of visual harmony. Choose a three-panelled triptych painting from your favourite artist to make a strong statement that fills your wall with splashes of colour.

4. Overstuffed throw pillows

Throw pillows are luxury home accents that can transform a room with texture. Relatively simple compared to other interior investments, they not only provide guests with a higher level of comfort but add colour to an otherwise minimalist space. Be sure to select large, soft down-filled pillows to really give a touch of plush extravagance.

5. Hardwood flooring

Wall-to-wall carpeting may lend a sense of warmth and cosiness to your room, but hardwood floors look more expensive. This classic flooring choice evokes a feeling of traditional craftsmanship, particularly when your floorboards are polished to gleaming perfection. While carpeting may look dated when the time comes to sell your home, hardwood floors never go out of style. Get the biggest return on your luxury home items investment by choosing an everyday wood like oak, or opt for rarer cherry or teak for added sophistication.

6. Oversized area rugs

Make small spaces appear larger with oversized area rugs. These luxury home accents can visually expand your square footage, particularly if you choose rugs in colours that tie in with your other accents in terms of colour and texture. A clever trick to fill a space is to fasten two smaller rugs together to make a larger piece.

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